• Conference and Escort Interpreting

Interpreting during business meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, workshops, press conferences as well as off-hours for sightseeing, cultural, and recreational activities
Introduction into the historical and cultural background on your foreign counterparts to help you build a working relationship.


Interpreting for the Chancellor


  • Court Interpreting

Interpreting of court hearings, depositions, patent litigations in Germany/Austria/ Switzerland with the highest degree of interpreting accuracy and confidentiality by an official sworn state-certified translator/interpreter


  • Consecutive Interpreting

On-site consecutive interpreting provides maximum interpreting accuracy. Speakers pause frequently (usually every few sentences) to allow the interpreter to speak, thereby interpreting what the speaker is saying. Because the pauses for interpretation can add considerably to the communication time, consecutive interpreting is most appropriate for one-on-one meetings, negotiations, etc. Consecutive interpretation’s reputation for greater precision stems from the fact that the interpreter has more time to find the right word than when interpreting simultaneously.


  • Simultaneous Interpreting

A simultaneous interpreter, also referred to as conference interpreter, is required when you need international communication that is virtually seamless. Simultaneous interpreters translate as they listen, either via audio equipment or by whispering into the subject’s ear. This type of interpretation is necessary for large meetings, conferences, etc., where consecutive interpreting is not feasible. Because their work is especially strenuous, simultaneous interpreters generally work in pairs and require shorter shifts. Simultaneous interpreting almost always requires the use of interpretation equipment.


  • Interpreting Equipment

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